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We are a full service Qualitative Research agency committed to deriving quality insights which can help to transform your business.

Qualitative Research is about extracting, analysing and making sense of unstructured and disorganised information about your organisation or brand and those who interact with it, and then making summaries and recommendations that will make a difference to your bottom line.

If you have never done this type of research before, we would be happy to talk you through the benefits and recommend the best methodologies to meet your objectives.

We manage all stages of Qualitative Research Projects:


From refining your objectives, honing the methodology and recruiting the sample, through to question design and creative facilitation

Thorough research analysis with reports offered in written, video and workshop format

We offer a translation service for overseas work

Our interviewers are skilled, focused and determined. They are keen observers able to connect and relate with people from hugely different walks of life and then to navigate their way through the layers of what is said to find out what’s really important.

Online qualitative research

Symbolised by Odessa the little owl, our mission is to seek out what is hidden under the surface in order to bring it into your awareness with the wisdom of experience and insight. Although this may mean change for your business, it also means the death of unhelpful habits and practices which no longer serve you, your employees or your consumers and audiences.



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